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Installing maps

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I recently purchased a GPS off of eBay. I was looking for a basic one for the truck to train new drivers with. I settled on one that was $25. It had all the opti`ons I wanted. I received it today and clicked on Navigation.


The following error came up.


"The Path is Wrong!Please set again."


So I go into Path Settings and select browse to see what happens and I get a blank file list.


So my question is what do I do in this situation? There's little information I have on it. It is simply called GPS Navigation system on the box. Google hasn't been much help/

Software version GFR43011010.20090324.V2.0.1

HardWare Version: F4301GBFV_V1.0B

Processor: AtlasIII

RAM Size:64M

Nand Flash Size: 64M

It uses Windows CE

IS: 200903241122000001


Can I instal maps to an SD card to load? If so what program would be best suited to this unit? Any ideas?

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