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Creat a route not working for me !

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"Creat a route" is not giving me milage after the "save the route" click. When I make the route I get the proper mileage at the bottom of the window but when I click "save the changes" and the new window pops up then the mileage turns to 0 miles .... WHY ?? I must be doing something wrong but I have tried everything on the tips page and all results turn out the same ... 0 miles !!! Can you tell me what I am doing wrong !!! Thanks

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"Creat a route" is not giving me milage after the "save the route" click.


I have a similar issue in that queries created from routes seem to "not run" after checking the day of the week (either today (sunday) or even "every" day). Normally I'd expect queries to be picked up in a few minutes and sent out... this one's sat for close to a half hour, though (even with all seven days of the week check marked).


It "previews" just fine, though... just can't get a pocket query out of it.

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