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A peculiar find

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I went looking for this benchmark yesterday (using only the textual description), and even though I followed the directions perfectly, I actually ended up finding a completely different benchmark that appears about 3.5 km to the south (according to a topo map).


The benchmark I had been looking for appears on this USGS quadrangle (at about 0474000E 4375000N UTM) (WARNING: that link goes to a 1+ MB image), and the benchmark I actually found appears on this quad (at about 0472000E 4371000N UTM). When I do a search on the NGS website for all benchmarks on the latter quad, the one I found isn't listed in the results, even though it's marked on the map and it exists in good condition at that location.


Anyhow, I suppose I'm just wondering if anybody knows how I can log this benchmark as being recovered if I can't find a PID for it?

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It's a USGS benchmark, stamped "93 RS" on the upper half, with the elevation "10573" stamped in the center, and "1938" stamped on the lower half. Here is the picture I took of the disk.


Actually, after looking at it, I wonder if it wasn't previously destroyed, then reset in '93? I tried a search for all station names in Utah beginning with "93" but this one didn't show up.

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