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Benchmark is alive though the government couldn't find it!

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This quote from the NGS Datasheet is incorrect.

Benchmark is alive and well. Have checked on it on it 3 times, the latest 10/16/2002.

A mistake by our government? Absurd! icon_wink.gif


PID EE0674




Folks tell me there's no P in hamster. Oh yeah, SQUEEZE ONE!

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Not found by NGS but,found by the Government in < 1 minute. The day before the Presidential visit to Springfield Mo.I placed the Lucky Horse Shoe/Presidential visit[Cache)and travel bug near the Airfield. I new the security was heightened so I waited till the last minute to turn on the GPSr Within 1 minute 2 A-10's were on me. They flew by turned around and right at me icon_biggrin.gifthen banked and waved... talk about shew scared the **** out of me to think that our forces in country can respond that fast. icon_smile.gificon_wink.gificon_wink.gificon_cool.gif

forgot to note that Henchmark is my buddy that has been travlin with me lately,see him on the bench mark pages or in the pic's in the Lucky Horse shoe/presidential visit cache Springfield,Missouri

When all else fails Geotry again.

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I took a look on the NGS site at your entry for bench mark EE0674.


First of all, congrats on your find. This will make some surveyors job a little easier someday.


May I offer a suggestion when it comes to reporting markers as "found" when previously reported as "not found"? It is all right to provide an updated "to reach", that is, directions to the marker. It may be that the "TAYLOR MERCANTILE CO. COTTON WAREHOUSE" is still there, but in the event it is not, new measurements would be very helpful to the next person looking for it.


Most likely, the 1934 "to reach" is still sufficient, but I thought I would take this opportunity to jump in with a suggestion to encourage all Geocachers to update the NGS database with new directions, if applicable.


I realize most Geocachers are not going to be carrying a measuring tape around, but any new information would be great.



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