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finds not found

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I just ran the my finds query and the last 14 finds (which show up as finds [smilies] on my personal page) came in as DNF's. Anyone else having a problem with this?


Yes I just ran mine and none of mine showed up as finds in GASK nor were locations included - so what the heck is going on now. :anitongue::laughing:

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you need to wait a bit, sometimes there is a delay between your log and your stats upgrading


i was in the middle of logging my 28 finds for today when one decided not to show up right away, nor did the coin i dropped in, waited 5 minutes, refreshed the page and there it was


system seems to be more sluggish in the weekends because there is more demand on the servers with everyone busy caching

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All my finds are showing up on 12/31/69.


Several of the oldest caches I've found, Mingo-etc.......have showed up without a found it log.


My updated file on My Geocaching Profile .com does not show any new caches since last update (I refreshed browser, tried the pq several times, etc.) At INATN I got some weird info which I posted to the other thread on this topic - Cachestats date problem.


I am sure by now GS is VERY aware of it.

Hopefully, they'll be able to resolve by next week when we can run another PQ.


'Till then


Happy Cachin'! :D

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The problem doesn't appear to be limited to recent finds.

I did a pocket query for all caches in a certain area, including caches I had found, so that I could go out and hide some caches. Normally, the caches I have found show up as having been found on my Garmin Oregon. With this PQ, however, they did not.

Later the same day (yesterday) I did a "My Finds" query so that I could run statistics. The GSAK statistics macro is reporting that I have no finds listed within the My Finds query.

Something is messed up.

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