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Caching fits BBC Radio Gloucestershire!

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After contacting the local radio station about the wild boar around these parts and mentioning I'd seen them while out Geocaching the presenter, Faye Hatcher, was very keen to find out more. As such she came to see me on Thursday and I took her out caching. I purchased a new Geocoin to release and there are plans to keep track of how far it's traveled over the next few months. The show aired today on Faye's Saturday Morning show.


If anyone is interested in listening to me and Faye discussing Geocaching it can be heard here:


If you would like to skip to the Geocache parts they can be found at 14.31, 1:11.45 and 2:10.58 aswell as making the very first news bulletin that can be heard at the start of the programme.





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That was really great, we just listened together on iplayer. I didn't tell the others our cache was being featured, they were all surprised as they found that out! Thanks for choosing Wynril Point, hope your geocoin travels far.


Mrs. F


(& Mr. F, Hen and Moo) xx


It was the ideal choice, nice and local and normally full of goodies! The trackable I picked up from Wynril point while out with Faye has already been put in another cache. Just need someone to move our coin on now! Should be good having monthly updates on it's travels.



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