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Where am I?


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That looks very much like one of those caches placed for the Mazda Adventure Zone Event in the Magaliesberg area... I just don't remember the dam being so big..


The cache was called HORNBILL - I see it had been archived already..


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hmm - suddenly I'm not sure at all that this is it... :mad:

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I will try this one...It looks like “Crystal Dam at Barton’s Folly”

The water is very crystal clear, but it's not the cache.

The cache was called HORNBILL - I see it had been archived already..



The cache is very old and sadly does not seem to be there anymore. The water really takes one by surprise.

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Ai-Nokia your Northern Cape has thrown me now - we followed in your footsteps to and from the Kgalagadi, your log was the last one in almost all the caches we've done along the way! I was convinced it's Dealseville fountain, but that's in the Free State, so I'll have to settle for Kimberley's small hole... ;)

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Where is this



There seems to be no takers on this one. The cache in question is {R385 Posmansburg (GMC015Z)}. I would say it an old quarry that has filled up with water. The water is not visible from the road albeit only 20 meters from the road. The cache seems to be missing. Sadly it is not luckily to be maintained.


Ok, I assume since no one got that one I get to go again with hopefully an easier one.


Where is this.



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But thats Dikololo, got timeshare there.

Unfortunately if i am right Jors u got another turn....dont get on here that often nowadays


Just a response to HHsa's answer, not to qualify for a turn : Must be "The Lookout".


Well, you're correct - Dikhololo's Lookout it is. Nou wat nou?


Ok, try this Pretoria cache then:


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