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Where am I?


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All the 'Where am I' photos these days seem to be either in the Tsitsikamma or Grahamstown areas!


So this is why I just don't recognise any of the photos lately..




Looks like you need to plan a caching trip down south. Before you come to Grahamstown you'll have to solve besem's puzzles:







The Eastern Cape has its own puzzle ridge, even if its a bit smaller than Cape Town's


Thats it!

All the 'Where am I' photos these days seem to be either in the Tsitsikamma or Grahamstown areas! <_<

All yours Tara and John.


I am going to have to stop guessing soon, I'm running out of pics! A better option is to get some more caches in, which I'll be doing tomorrow :D With that in mind, here is an easy one.



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Thanks Tara & John for the shortlist.. hehe (I hate puzzles.. because they keep me awake ;) )


BTW: Watch out, Ginger invasion EC - April 2012... :anibad:


Oh, and I'm not guessing the new photo - because I don't think I've been there! ..yet grrrrr LOL


We'll be around, we can meet up for an extra ginger caching spree!

We are now off caching, so pile up the guesses on the pic and we'll give you the answer on Monday.

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BTW: Pray tell what you were doing licking a wind turbine <_<


This one is for you CH:




With special emphasis on this pic


(Sorry to Tom for the temporary thread hijack)

Licking windmills, kissing trig beacons, I do not even want to know what happened at a parking meter, or under a traffic light.....

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