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Pocket Queries not generating emails

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Well, as long as they know about the problem, no sense in having a duplicate thread, I suppose. I'll just give them time to fix it and try again some time :)


I don't think it's quite fixed yet. The PQ that I have scheduled for Friday ran this morning and generated 7 email messages, all identical.

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I rec'd 4 yesterday, but the 2 brand new ones I created today (6 and 8 a.m.) have not arrived...sigh...big trip planned, and my 1980's PDA with a serial port syncher only works on my lab computer.


Does this mean I have to go the the lab tomorrow to get my PQ into my PDA?? Of course, I'd rather that than not ever getting the PQ at all!!


Any updates on this problem? :)

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I ran 2 saved pq's about an hour ago ... no reply yet. I created a brand new one ... got a reply in 3 minutes... hmmm


I created one out of a route about 30 minutes ago... still nothing, even after checking EVERY day of the week. Normally I'd expect turn-around within a few minutes.

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