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Arrrrggghhhhh, bookmark list gone!


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I was removing some archived caches from my bookmark list of puzzles that you solve at home and then get the co-ords for a physical cache. Unfortunately something went screwy and it corrupted the entire list and now it's empty!


Sorry to say that I won't be recreating it, as there were almost 200 UK puzzle caches in the list. Despite being very SW biassed, it was once more useful than it is now, as there are so many puzzles now it's a bit overwhelming.

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This none working one?


Stueys Homework Bookmark list


Yes, that non working one. Don't tell me you can see it, can you? All I get is this:


View Bookmark List

You do not have permissions to view this list.


Oddly.. I could see the whole list... until I Logged in (as I was going to export the list!) at which point I got the same error message as you... and even now I've logged out I still get the same error..

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I'm a PM and can see it while logged in. Try clearing your cache and cookies and logging back in again.


According to the list at the bottom there are 154 caches on it.


That makes sense as I removed 30 or so 40 which had been archived.


I'll try your suggestion, thanks very much.

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it's FF me thinks :)


firefox : view once, then need to clear cookies again

IE : no problem, (view, close IE, open, view again) x 6, still no problem...

Using FF here and still no problems




which version?

Probably irrelevant now but v3.6




It's all back to normal, phew!

Still broken for me..


upgraded to that version this afternoon, yet still broke for me, IE(vomit) still working ok.

tried it with/without GM enabled etc, cant seem to pinpoint exactly where it goes poop.

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