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How to get rid of old Field Notes?


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I've tried the erase button on the log notes page many times....and it says "this cannot be undone!" but it manages to undo my erase each time I upload field notes. I do notice that the notes seen to be of a fairly recent vintage....is there some control page where you can tell the website how long to keep displaying old field notes????

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Field notes are stored in a file X:\Garmin\geocache_visits.txt where X is your Garmin's drive letter. You need to delete (or rename) this file after you hav uploaded your field notes to the site successfully. This is assuming Garmin - DeLorme and Lowrance have different filename and location.


There is a "ignore before" option, but it's a little flaky.


This is what is currently happening:


Let's say it contains GC1000, GC1001 and GC1002.


You upload, you see 3 caches. You log them.


Next time you go caching, you find GC1003. In that fil, GC1003 is added to the end of th 3 caches.


You upload. You see 4 caches. You log the 4th, ask the site to nuke the rest. It is gone from the site, but still in your geocache_visits.txt file. The next time you find a cachee, it will be added to the end of this list as cache #5.

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