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Garmin Oregon Field Notes

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I have a Garmin Oregon 200 and am wondering how the field notes work? Once I log a field note how do i upload them to gc.com?

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I have a Garmin Oregon 200 and am wondering how the field notes work? Once I log a field note how do i upload them to gc.com?

Click on access your fieldnotes on the right hand side menu on your profile page, which takes you to http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx . Select your brand and read the instructions. :)



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I wish someone had explained this to me some time back, so I'll document it here.


In your Garmin Oregon, in the folder \Garmin there is a file "geocache_visits.txt". If this file is not there, the Oregon will create it when necessary.


This file is a text file that the Garmin writes to. Every time you navigate to a geocache, one of your choices is to "Log Attempt". This will store the GC code, date / time (in UTC), log type (found, DNF, etc) and any notes you choose to add to it.


At the end of the day, you can upload this file to your account.


1. Connect unit to computer

2. Go to "upload field notes"

3. Click Browse and navigate to X:\Garmin where X is your Oregon's drive letter.

4. Click "Upload Field Notes"

5. After verifying that they have been uploaded properly by going to this page, delete the file. Or if you want to keep it, save it somewhere first, then rename or delete it.


Now you should see a list of geocaches, the time you found it, log type, etc. For each one, click on "Compose Log". There's a bug with the time (long story) so check to make sure the date is correct. Type in your log. Click "Submit". There'll be a link to bring you back to Field Notes. Repeat until you've completed them all. If you've already logged some, click on "Delete" for those field notes.


It makes logging so much easier.

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Another note -- unless something has changed recently, when you go to actually upload your file, you will need to uncheck the box that ignores logs prior to that December (12/28?) date. If you don't, your logs won't appear. At least with my logs from a Dakota, that's still an issue on the site.

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For some reason everytime I upload with my Oregon 300, zero caches are uploaded. Here is what is in the file. I see that it just has CG without a code. Anyone have any idea`s


GC,2010-08-15T14:30Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T14:36Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T14:44Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T14:47Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T14:59Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T15:12Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T15:26Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-15T15:31Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-20T23:26Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T13:42Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T14:03Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T14:18Z,Didn't find it,""

GC,2010-08-27T14:33Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T14:53Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:00Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:15Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:22Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:32Z,Didn't find it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:37Z,Didn't find it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:42Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:46Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T15:59Z,Didn't find it,""

GC,2010-08-27T16:13Z,Found it,""


GC,2010-08-27T16:43Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T16:49Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T17:13Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T18:47Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T18:54Z,Didn't find it,""

GC,2010-08-27T19:16Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T19:28Z,Found it,""

GC,2010-08-27T19:34Z,Found it,""

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you're probably using some tool to load the caches to the oregon that butchers the GPX files, specifically the waypoint codes. just copy them directly to the unit's storage and it will work.

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If you are using GSAK etc, make sure the Waypoint Name field is set to %code :)



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