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jet in the woods in the paper


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i hid a cache at the jet in the woods and one of the columnist

in the bergen record thought it was a worthy subject and interviewed me and went to the jet. Article in the paper today. he was talking about ideas for future articles and the subject of geocaching came up. His articles tend to be more about either his eperience or the person interviewed, not the subject matter itself. They did a geocachign article and it was a by the #s piece. All facts. If he does it he would want it to be an "experience" (Bill falls off a cliff, Bill gets stung by bees, etc). I can't be involved since he already interviewed me once, but I said I'd see if anyone might be interested.


If you are, LMK. Applicants must have strong personalities and be willing to lead him on a cache hunt. Did I mention he's not athletic? At all? yeah, he's not, no so no levels 4s or 5s.

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