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Hello ,


I've followed the steps described in the beginning of this thread for requiring an account to earwigo but I've not received a response from sTeamTraen yet.

How many days before receiving an account to access earwigo website ?

More info about me :



Thank you

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Explain why I want to use earwigo
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On 3/2/2010 at 3:43 PM, sTeamTraen said:

Now that Urwigo is getting some exposure here, I'd like to remind people that you have even more of a choice for building cartridges.


Earwigo is a 100% Web-based builder that works on any Web browser (well, IE6+ and Firefox 3+ anyway), and requires no software download.


Some features:

- Earwigo is available in multiple languages (en/fr/de/cz/pt/dk/sv); translation is done by the community and new translators are always welcome.

- Cartridges made with Earwigo can be multilingual (you can make two or more language versions of a cartridge while only writing the code once), with correct accented characters - on non-Garmin devices, you can even build a cartridge which runs in Russian or Japanese.

- Cartridges can be made "Play-anywhere" with a single click.

- You can import your existing cartridge files from the Groundspeak builder, and also re-export back to the Groundspeak builder if you decide to go back (or to move to Urwigo).

- Zones are built interactively with Google Maps, or by pasting coordinates which you might have lying around, say in a GPX file.


Support is off-site via a Google group (aka mailing list/"lite" forum). We have a Wiki, and some nice tutorial documentation is getting written. It's not as clever as Urwigo (no drag-and-drop) but you can work on a cartridge when goofing off at work as well as at home. :laughing:


For the moment, Earwigo requires manual signup, for which please send me an e-mail (*not* a "Message Center" message) via my Geocaching.com profile; click on my name at the left of this post. (Don't send forum PMs, please.) At some point I hope to be able to move to open sign-up using your Geocaching.com account, but that depends on some other things which are not yet settled.


Officially, Earwigo is in alpha testing, but enough people are using it every day to make me confident that it is a fairly reliable way to build cartridges.


PS: Can this maybe get pinned too? :laughing:


Hello i sent a mail to get accsess to earwigo but i dont have no information yet?

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