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How to obtain a complete My Finds list

the pooks

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I was thinking of generating a stats page for myself and thought the first step would be to get PQ of my finds. As I have just over 500 I split it into 2 PQ's by date. I see only 439 are listed. It looks as if the archived caches are not listed. The unavailable one's are listed. Questions are therefore:


1. Is the any way to get a My Finds list / PQ so that it agrees with the # of smileys on my profile?


2. Do the various stats sites use other ways of getting hold of the information and that I need not bother with PQs?


3. Any recommendations for stats pages/sites


I claim not to be a stats person, but Mrs Pooks claims that I have increased my caching lately and I want to prove that the opposite is in fact the case!



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