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Carved/Chiseled Cross or Square - ARGH

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I thought a carved cross or such carved benchmark would be easy to find. They can't bury it normally. Nobody can steal it. You can't really move it. But alas, I have looked for 3 of them locally with no results. It's about enough to make a guy go nutty. This one in particular gets me. It is at MY post office. Everything in the description matches (except the high water sign is now gone, but the holes in the stone where it was mounted are still right there - Post office employees verified to me that the high water sign was there before it was stolen) but there is no carved/chiseled cross anywhere! Where did it go? I looked through about 300 pix in the gallery tonight in hopes of seeing a picture of a chiseled mark, but I did not see any. Helpful hints anyone? I know they have been found because I saw a thread on cleaning them. Thanks for reducing my benchmarking stress level icon_wink.gif


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Arent these just small marks? I've seen references to chiseled squares, triangles, Xs, and crosses.


I'm not sure, I just assumed they were made with a hand chisel and may not be too large. They could also be unknowingly painted in or filled in by other means if my assumtion is correct.


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faint square of tiny proportions possible? oh man, like I don't look odd enough walking around the corner of my post office examining the stone of the building...now as I do it on all fours...oh the image icon_smile.gif


The one GatorRX sent me to seems more reasonable. Especially with the USBM around it - seems like you should be able to find something like that.



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