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Just starting out.

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Ok so I only discovered Geocaching through the cool lil movie Splinterheads. Anyway I live in Northern Ireland and figured hey, why not check to see if I have some local caches and the map full of cache locations lol. Now I can manage many local caches without a GPS as I know many landmarks and the clues are pretty clear. (Going out hunting tomorrow) I have a few questions though.


1. Any UK users could you point me in the direction of a cheap reliable GPS (also I was wondering if a car SatNav could be used with the same results.)


2. I have some small trinkets gathered, an old fairground token I have, a compass pendant, mechanical watch, few rings and some dice. Are these suitable things to swap.


3. I think thats it actually, nothing really else I can think to ask. Yep so just those two questions then.

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I wish I was in Carrickfergus, only for nights in Ballygran...



Car SatNav units can be used but not with the same results. I liken using a automotive unit for geocaching to using the heel of a shoe as a hammer. It can work but there is a better tool for the job. Consider something like a Garmin Venture HC or Garmin Legend H. They are inexpensive hand held units that work well for geocaching.


Those sound like find things to swap as long as they are in good condition. Anything that is inexpensive, interesting and/or useful would be appropriate

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Do you already have an auto satnav unit? If so, give us the make and model and we might be able to help you learn how to use it as you're looking for a handheld unit. Also, the SWAG ("stuff we all get") you listed for trading looks great, but if any of it is worth more than a few bucks ($US) I wouldn't use it as SWAG. Most SWAG that you'll find has little value, but is just fun to find. Welcome!

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Well the SatNav is the one in my dad's car lol, was gonna steal it on him so I am not quite sure of the make (will get back to you) but I will check out those GPS's....is that the plural of GPS? I dont know. Anyway yeah those things are junk I have in my big ol junk drawer so it's just momentos that have more personal value than actual value but I think people would enjoy them. Might keep something really special to trade if I find a geocoin or something like that. I would feel bad trading a piece of $1 or £1 rubbish for a shiny new geocoin.

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Well the SatNav is the one in my dad's car lol, was gonna steal it on him so I am not quite sure of the make (will get back to you) but I will check out those GPS's....is that the plural of GPS? I


One of the chief problems with SatNav units is that most don't have a compass navigation screen which is a key tool for geocaching. You can try to match coordinates and move around on the map to get near the cache, but that is a painful way of geocaching compared to using the navigation screen that all hand helds have.


Also they have poor battery life and the batteries are not field replaceable. Most hand held units provide

12-30 hours of battery life depending on the model, while automotive units only give you 3-4 hours. And if the batteries die in your hand held you can just pop in a fresh pair. If your batteries die in your automotive unit and you are not near a power source your unit is worthless.


Finally automotive units are built for the dashboard, not for the rigors of outdoor use. They are not durable or waterproof.


The only current exception to the above that I'm aware of is the Garmin Nuvi 500 series. The Nuvi 500's are built with outdoor use in mind.

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Actually, geocoins aren't for trade, they are travelers - you take them from one cache and put them in another, you don't need to trade anything to move them. Yeah, let us know what the satnav is, if it's a garmin nuvi or a tomtom, they can be somewhat effective geocaching machines.


Oh I knew that about the Geocoins but I thought the rule was if you took something you left something. But I suppose moving them around is more important that leaving something behind.

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I don't know what a sat/nav is, but we definitely used our car GPS for the first 100 or so. It's a Garmin Nuvi. No, it's not as easy as the handheld we have now, but it IS possible. Have fun!!


Sat Nav is short for satellite navigation, what we call Car GPS's (still not sure what the plural of GPS is though that sounds right) in the UK.....not sure about outside the UK though.

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