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Drug paraphenalia :(


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This weekend, while geocaching, I found the following items in a cache:

A pair of pantyhose (used)

A candle shaped like male genitalia

A small baggie of white granulated powder: salt, sugar, or...?

One half of a glass crack pipe (broken, obviously, with nice sharp edges)


UGH! First off, this was one of those moments that reminded me that humans really just need to be wiped off the planet. Or, at least, most of them do. Second, though, I couldn't figure out what to do. I'm sure I did the "wrong" thing in the sense that I did not call the local authorities (which would have been, I think, either state or national forestry services) to have the evidence removed and evaluated. I'm sure doing that would have resulted in the cache being destroyed (and no charges being filed, since the cache itself is inherently tamper-ready for evidence). It also would have taken the better part of my day, and frankly, I was caching on my way home from a 3-day camping trip and just wanted to get going on the 7-hour drive back.


Instead, I packed up the above items and a few little pieces of normal cache trash (stickers that have come loose, bottlecaps because some people think they're a trade item, etc), and put them all in a baggie-- I used the pantyhose to wrap the sharp end of the pipe, and threw them all away at the nearest possible garbage can. I did, by the way, trade this trash for two of my own geotrade items-- I certainly have enough trinkets to trade for trash, I suppose.


But what *should* I have done in this situation? What would you have done?

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I had a cache that was a multi. A local Parks & Rec guy called me and said that he needed to talk to me about one of the clue containers. Someone had removed it, put some pot in it and left it on the ground. I had some 'splainin to do. I assured him it wasn't me that put the pot in it, and showed him the whole cache, and everything was cool.


Cache in, stash out, dude!



"Always drive 99. 100 is just too dadgum fast." - Worth Thagard, journeyman, philospher, and basic drunk.

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Shane: I read about your pot cache in the other thread! Very..... interesting? Amusing? Odd?Yes, odd!


I think there's a world of difference between a pothead and a crackhead, though. I would have been amused if it had been part of a bong (still would have removed it from the cache, though), but part of a crack pipe? It's just.... seedy, I think (no pun intended).

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You did the right thing. It would have been pointless to call the police and it would have only resulted in a negative impression of geocaching.


Either these people stumbled on this cache or there are some "geocachers" with a sick sense of humor - probably found this elsewhere at the site.

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I think these were stumblers, rather than geocachers.


The pantyhose and candle could have been considered humorous.


I doubt highly that anyone would think a broken glass crack pipe (yes, it had been used previously) would be humorous or appropriate or in any way not extremely hazardous to other geocachers.


On the other hand, I also have a hard time understanding how people think littering is OK, so maybe I'm just too narrowminded to get the joke.

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That's sad to hear. But on an upbeat note... Last Sunday I cleaned up a park where I frequent. This week I expected to find more debris, but there was NONE! It was such a nice thing to see this.



If you can dream it, you can do it.


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