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International CITO Day T-Shirt


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We'll sell whatever tshirts we have left over after the 26th.


$5 shipping charge is the base charge for UPS. After that is approximately a $.50 charge per lb. I'll check to see why the s/h seems to be higher than it should be.


frog.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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I was wrong about shipping/handling. Base charge is around $6.50 for UPS shipping fees and handling charges with our partners at Sunrise Identity.


Unfortunately consignment is not an option. The shirts are already being sold at a loss and we're unable to take on the financial obligation due to our limited funds. We may be able to work with Geocaching organizations in rare situations. If you believe you have a special case, send email to cacheintrashout@Groundspeak.com.


frog.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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You said that you're selling them at a loss? That doesn't seem right ... How much would you have to sell the shirts for in order to break even? I guess you'd want to honor the listed price, besides which changing it in midstream would make it a nightmare to figure out who saw what price, but some of us might be able to make up the difference, at least for the ones we order...

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Originally posted by Rygel:

So, if I want 1 shirt I have to pay $6.50 just in shipping?


Yes Dominar. Unfortunately UPS hasn't decided to join us in support of CITO day. Perhaps Crichton, Scorpius and Chiana can get a couple of shirts to save on shipping?


frog.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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Just recieved our first order of 50 shirts and garbage bags for the Inland Empire Cache In Trash Out Event to be held in Spokane Wa. I ordered them late Wed. night and recieved them this afternoon. Very cool shirts, heavy fabric and excellent graphics. No complaints from me. I really appreciate the effort you've put into this idea, Jeremy.

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Hey! How come the west coast people are getting their shirts before me? icon_frown.gif

Darn it! I knew I should have paid for the faster delivery. icon_smile.gif


Rygel: If you just order one shirt, with shirt and shipping, it's only $9.50. A good price for a printed t-shirt. But if you order more than one the cost-per-shirt goes down. Four shirts plus shipping is $18.50, or about $4.63 each. A great price for a printed t-shirt, and judging from a previous post they are high quality shirts.





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It is hardly weight oriented. I had 2XL and 2 S shirts. 1 GEO sticker, 1GPS sticker, 8 CITO bags, and a Travel Bug. $25.00 + 15.00 shipping. I removed the Travel Bug and shipping went to $7.00. That must be one heavy bug. And yes, I kept the shipping the same on both orders. I guess I'll have to ge the TB later. I NEED those shirts though. Thanks guys for getting this together. Great price on the shirts. I would be ok to pay more for the shirts and get better shipping rates somehoh. That way it keeps more cash at Groundspeak.


To live in fear is not to live.

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Received the shirts today... fantastic! Didn't count on them being quite so bright, though! I'm gonna need sunglasses everytime I go in my cupboard from now on.


And yea, I will be wearing it next time I go out caching.



An it harm none, do what ye will


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I was very pleased with the 6 days from order to delivery for the 32 shirts I ordered for the folks around here. If they can provide that kind of service to Texas, they're doing pretty well. So your week to OR experience probably isn't the norm.


And yes, nicely done t-shirts! Wish I'd had more money to buy some for cache bait as well!





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Actually, from the time the package left Groundspeak to the time it was on my front porch was - are you ready?


18 1/2 Hours!


You are right though, this was non-typical. Other orders have been filled in the promised amount of time of 2 days or less. I am not complaining - I was sincere in suggesting that I hoped the extra time was due to overwhelming demand!


Here is an excerpt from the UPS tracking page

Apr 18, 2003 2:04 P.M. TUALATIN, OR, DELIVERY





As for cache-bait - since Monday my Free CITO T-Shirt cache has given away 8 of the 10 shirts available! And they need to come to the clean-up event to collect!

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I got the MiGO shirts yesterday and had them for our event today. All 70 shirts went like hotcackes. Thanks for having those made up, they were a big hit and it looked good to have a group of uniformed people marching around icon_smile.gif


We filled a good sized dumpster completely in 3 hours. One anonymous good samaritan saw us out working and was so impressed by our efforts that they stopped by later to give us ice and several 2-liters of pop as thanks icon_smile.gif That was a pretty cool gesture and I think just the tip of the ice burg from a PR perspective of our collective activities.


Shirts came and went, garbage was collected, and the turkey hunters can go out on Monday and hunt in a cleaner, better, state game area icon_smile.gif



trippy1976 - Team KKF2A

Saving geocaches - one golf ball at a time.


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Got our shirts and trash bags, extremely nice....thanks for your obvious effort, Jeremy!

We (my son and I, and whomever we recruit in the coming weeks) will be using the bags and probably leaving a few in the caches....better than the McToys so common here! And what a great price! My son, a Freakishly Tall 8 year old, wears the Adult Small size with no room to spare. I, an adult Female size 10, find the Medium too snug...for info only icon_smile.gif

Thanks again for putting together a very cool, very hip PR event that can ONLY be helpful to this weird and wonderful sport/ hobby/ ddiction... if you find there are excess shirts, bags, etc, I for one will be happy to purchase the extras, even if at a higher price. You can't buy a "yard mowing" shirt for less....Thanks again!

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