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Moving to Durban

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Greetings from Finland!


I'm coming over to SA in early March. First a couple of days in JBurg and then a few months in Durban.


So far my greatest concerns during caching have been slippery terrain and possibility to get a parking fine. I think this might be a bit different in SA. Is it generally ok to wander around the city during the daylight and pick caches along the route? Are all caches located in 'safe' areas? Or should I study caches well beforehand and forget my normal 'walk-in-a-park' approach?


All other general info about Durban is greatly appreciated, since I will be spending there quite some time. I can find some info from the web, but it wouldn't harm to have a survival guide from locals.



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But hooking up with a few of the locals as you arrive


As locals ourselves most of the caches are in 'safe' areas but some are more safer....

Once you are here we can give you an idea of the best caching places in our town.


It is a great time of year to come to "Durban" the best Winters in the world -


Follow the KZN - Sandpit thread for more local news info...

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