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Geocaching on the Gadget Show this evening

The Blorenges
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Was rather surprised to find Geocaching shown on the Gadget Show this evening (C5 8pm - repeated Tuesday on Fiver). It had Jason using the iPhone application to search for two caches hidden in the nearby woods. The 'caches' turned out to be a motorised skateboard and a mountain bike to help him evade capture from the 'baddies' who were chasing him. The item was about evading capture using 'hi tech' gadgets to either detect the enemy or to help you get away from them.....

They were at a paint ball center somewhere near Birmingham


So a new angle on cache containers perhaps??


Chris (MrB)

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In last weeks show (so the one previous to the one you're all talking about, if you get what I mean!) they voted the LAYAR application on the Android phones as the current best app for smartphones. Just thought I'd mention it as I'd seen the LAYAR thing mentioned before on these forums.


Anyway, back on topic...


Or maybe Jason (or, please please please Suzi!) [...] I can live in hope.....


I hear ya!

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Caught the repeat last night.


It had very little to do with Geocaching as such; I presume they thought the iPhone app would make better TV than an old yellow Etrex <_<


It was filmed at Trickley Coppice N52 35.450 W001 46.500

There's no pukka Geocaches there anyway...







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Home turf?

Or inside knowledge?


I can usually spot locations around home. (Thats well off my patch!)


"Nordley walk 6 (School View)" by The Washers (GC19GT3)


Showed up on the app as he showed the features so I knew they were in the Midlands

and then we recognised the road layout on the map screen page :laughing:

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It was a combination of this show and seeing an article on 'top 5 things to do with your GPS smarthphone' that got me into geocaching.


I agree that it maybe misrepresented it a bit, but then that was for the fun of the challenge they were doing. I was pretty realistic in my expectiations of real geocaching, as I'm sure most people would be!


Off to the Gadget Show live this year, maybe they'll have a cache there!

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