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Travel bug by mail - help anyone?


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I live in the Southeast united states. I would like to mail a travel bug to someone in northwest canada, and let it explore the Great White North (as an aside - do you guys call it the great white north, or is it just the Great White Here?) as it makes it way back down my way. Sort of a travel bug mission in reverse.


Send me a message through the forums or through the geocaching site if you are interested in helping. I ordered a batch o' bugs today, so I hope to get something lined up by next week.


I will need either your home or work address so I can mail the bug to you. After that your only responsibility is to log it in the first cache you find.

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I'm not sure what portion of the southwest you live in but have you heard about the STARGATE CACHES? Check out mine here in the Toronto area and it will give you a list of all the Stargate caches around the world. GC18ERP When you place a TB in any Stargate cache, it will be transported to the Stargate cache of your choice... anywhere around the world. Good luck!

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Hi theosus,


We live near Edmonton, Alberta, (N53, W 113).


You can send us some of your TBs and we can place them in caches by the highways leading to the Rocky Mountains and the Alaska highway.


Just email us using our profile page.



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It is actually warm in Canada, another common stereotype, It; sjust great white in the states...Anyway, I live in Burlington, a city just outside of Toronto, not sure if that;s where you want it, but I will definetly help you out if you want me to get it started. Just e-mail me if you would like me to.

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