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Couple geocaching questions


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Been a geocacher for a number of years, haven't been a hard core cacher (just broke 200 finds) but I really enjoy it and the last couple weeks been getting into it a little more. I finally signed up for the premium membership and have a question. When I looked at a fellow cacher profile he had all sorts of tables where he has cached, FTF cert, number of cachers he found per year etc..


I was wondering where these came from? I would like to add them to my profile.


I also like to hide caches, I was just thinking of a neat cache I would like to hide, a cache with maybe a half dozen unactivated geocoins. cachers that have unactivated coins they would like to trade could find the cache and trade their coin for one in the cache.


Has anyone done this kind of thing before and if so, were there some unscrupulous cachers that stole all the coins? I would be hiding this one out in the country near my cabin to keep an eye on it.


I guess if I do this cache I would be needing a few cheap geocoins that I can add to the cache to get it going, suggestions on where I could find some?

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I also think the coins would not last long; unfortunately not everyone plays fair. We once placed five geocoins in our new cache, thinking they would be taken by five different cachers; one finder took all of them. Most of them were never seen again.


You can set up your cache as a coin exchange, or TB hotel, but don't spend too much of your own money buying new coins. I think it might be a better idea to have a few new, unactivated coins as prizes for the FTF, 2ndTF, and 3rdTF.


We have found inexpensive geocoins on www.geoswag.com, and, for a little more, on www.geocoinstore.com.

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^ Must be a popular site. The server is overloaded.


"overloaded"? i never had a problem connecting to that site


like the rest said, unactivated coins is a great idea, but you will be disappointed at the outcome

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