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Feature Request: OpenStreetMaps instead of Google


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"Copying or tracing what you see in a commercial product" I feel rather insulted that you even suggested this. No where in my post did I even suggest it. I use only CC, my own tracks or tracks I have received permission from the author to edit OSM.


As for the rest... You can do what you want with "your" money. Point, and reason I asked for the change, is I find geocaching.com near impossible to use for most of what I need to do. I don't feel it's worth the money I'm paying for this service.


I am sorry you feel insulted as I never suggested you were doing anything. No where in my post did I even suggest it. I asked what it was you were doing and pointed out which was good and which was bad.


I you don't feel it is worth the money you are paying, than stop paying. I doubt you will do that for the same reason I doubt many people will give up their premium membership. That would mean giving up pocket queries as well.


For people in some areas like Southern Ontario there is an easy free solution to seeing geocaches on trails. Just download a pocket query or an loc file if you are not premium and view the file in Google earth. At the same time open the trail map from the Ontario Trails Project, or a local project if one exists in your area, in Google earth. Not only will you see the geocaches and how they relate to the trails, you will also get roads, satellite maps, and 3D terrain modeling all for the price of $0.00. * free offer does not include the cost of internet access and or data charges with your carrier and or internet service provider

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