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Wales' most photogenic cache? Send us your pictures!

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The South Wales Geocachers are putting together a calendar and other promotional material that highlight some of the best cache locations in Wales.


To this end, we'd like to invite you all to submit your best, prettiest most dramatic or scenic Welsh caching photographs, along with details of which cache they relate to. Please note that in order to participate, we need you to give us your consent to use your photograph to promote caching within South Wales.


“what's in it for me?” I hear you cry. All those whose picture or pictures make it to the final 13 will receive a free copy of the calendar, public recognition and the envy of all your friends!


Please send your pictures to wonderfulwales@hotmail.co.uk before the 14 March 2010.


The entries will be posted on our forum and the winners will be posted here on the GSP forum as well.


Many thanks and have fun!


Mike :unsure:

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Thanks for the steer, have found some near the Caban-Coch and Garreg-Ddu Reservoirs which I hope to find including GCMYZ6 which I couldn't resist with it's RAF connection! Hopefully we'll spend a day hunting your V-H1 series too.


I am SO looking forward to this holiday, I cannot tell you how much it's needed!


With a bit of luck we'll get a snap or two for your competition too.

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I'm told a couple of mine - of Portmeirion from across the estuary and a look down from the top of Snowdon - have made it in, out of something like 120 entries, so I'm pretty chuffed. Any other news on the shots picked? The calendar should be available to purchase at the Scottish Mega event in the summer, with funds going to make the Welsh one even better :)

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