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"Coins" that are just laminated cards

Happy Bubbles

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Not sure if this is a common practice but I came across two today in NH. I found what I thought to be missing coins and the plastic pouch only. But after looking at the plastic holder in place of the actual coin were scanned color copies.


Has anyone else seen this? Is this common?

there has also been cases of geocoins being stolen and replaced with a picture or a scan or a proxy replica (a washer or poker chip). you might want to contact the owner of that geocoin and ask them if they released an actual real geocoin, or a replica proxy of some sort. often times the owners are not even aware of the switch that has been made. i suspect the geocoin thieves do this to hide the trail of exactly when and where the geocoin went missing.

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I am going to to merge this with an already open thread on the subject, so you can read more responses from other cachers.

edit to add: Title change to ask the question Or not? Might as well include both sides of the coin, eh?

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2 of the coins I own are going to have proxy cards and placed in memorial-type caches - The Original Stash coin in a 10th anniversary hide, and my Firefighter coin in a cache at a firehouse. Neither of these will ever leave my possession, but if a cacher wishes to discover them in these hides, they wil have that choice. If not, just pass on it. I will attach them to the log, along with a note stating it's purpose is to STAY PUT. If a thief wishes to steal the proxy, I'm out a bit of time and ink, a little bit of laminate, and a few dark wishes for the sticky-fingered individual.

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