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what is the coolest swag you've ever found?

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I am also very new to caching. The coolest I have ever found would have to be the first geocoin my brother and I found. It was pretty exciting for us.


I hope if it is a trackable you moved it along and are not keeping it.


The coolest thing I found was between a genuine carabiner and a set of mini spread knives (the blunt kind used for spreading cheese or such.)

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Coolest thing I ever found:




New Orleans Saints mini jersey and helmet from a Burger King kids meal. With Drew Brees' number on it. It was in the unopened, original package but I couldn't resist opening it up and displaying it on the shelf over my computer.


(The one in the picture isn't mine.)

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A local geocacher works at the nearby Martin Guitar factory and placed a geocache on company property. He took some of the round pieces of wood cut from the front of the guitar and laser etched them with the name of the cache and other information regarding the company and geocaching. Took one.


That's probably my favorite. Not expensive, just very cool.


Long time ago, in a cache related to the planet Mars, I found and took a new dark red golfball. Thought it was appropriate to the name. That's the funniest thing I've ever found.


Most valuable thing ever found was a coupon for 1/2 off at a local car wash. Worth about 4 bucks.


Oh yeah, about two weeks ago I found an unactivated geocoin in a cache left specifically for whoever found the cache next. I e-mailed my thanks to the cacher who left it, but got no reply.



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Although geocoins are not usually intended to be swag, we have picked up three unactivated geocoins (so far) that have been left as swag. Do note however, that if such is the case it will most probably be so noted in a previous cachers' log.


Outside of that noted above and the rare FTF prize of an unactivated geocoin, one should not assume that geocoins are left as swag. If there is nothing that says so, it most probably is a traveler intended for you to move it along.


EDIT: We did "hear" of a set of car keys left, and info to contact the owner for the vehicle transfer. That story may very well be rumor. Ya just never know! Have also heard of retired GPSr units left as swag. Not doubting that because was told by the person leaving one of them.

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Maybe not the coolest but definitely the coldest. I found a cache that all the swag was frozen in a big block of ice. I chipped all the swag out of the block and signed the log.


In all seriousness. I collect patches and lapel pins. I have found some pretty cool ones.

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A small jar containing sand from Omaha Beach.


There is a theme based cache on the North Carolina coast that asks people to drop in baggies of sand from their favorite beach.


I have two favorite swag items.


The first was a lanyard from an Italian Forestry Service that I found in a cache in Rome. I still use it to keep my GPS around my neck.


A couple of years ago I was talking to my next door neighbor as he was cleaning up a bicycle he'd just bought at a garage sale. It was a nice old Schwinn 3 speed. He said, now all I need is a bicycle bell for it. The next day I was out geocaching and found a cache about 3/4 mile up a fairly steep hill. There was a bicycle bell in it.

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