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Finnish karttapaikka link is wrong

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Noticed a moment ago that the link to the finnish karttapaikka isn't working.


Checked the link and it looks like this:




but the end should be EPSG%3A4258 like:




The change was made 9:th of februari due to an other site.


Keep up the good work. =)

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This problem hasn't been fixed yet, so I thought it's time to bring this thread up again and clarify it a bit:


For every cache in Finland there is a link on the cache page pointing to Finnish National Land Syrvey's map service called Karttapaikka. It is under section "For online maps..." labeled "Karttapaikka.fi topographic map".


Some time in February National Land Survey made a change in their service which caused this link to stop working. The link target url looks like this (example taken form cache GCJEMP):


The url modified to work with the current version of the Karttapaikka service would look like this:


So only the part after "srsName=" needs to be changed.

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