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New "Hazard" Attribute Request

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After stepping in it for about the last 27 geocaching trips in a row, I'm now requesting the "DOGGIE DOO" attribute!


Now this is different from "dogs allowed" attribute. The "dogs allowed" attribute is there to show that it is okay to bring your dog to this cache.


But the "doggie doo" attribute is different. This is for use in areas where you would NOT expect there to be lots of dogs but there is doo-doo everywhere anyway!


Now I realize that it probably won't make any difference. I will probably step in it most of the time anyway BUT it would be nice to be given a "heads up" once in a while.


Okay, so I'm just joking about this but I wouldn't complain if it DID become an attribute!

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The real problem is caches camouflaged as doggie poo. Now that I've found a few of these, I find myself picking up and examining every piece of doggie poo I see at a cache site.
I find that it helps to sniff them. The fake poop, I find, doesn't usually smell the same. Have you tried that yet?
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