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So I bought myself a Garmin eTrex Legend H (Adventure pack) off of ebay for $80. Still haven't heard from the seller whether or not he shipped it yet. I couldn't wait, I started pulling up Sat. photos w/ Google Earth and Geocaching.com. I went out today and found my first 3 caches. I checked 6 or 7, so I think 50% for not having a gps is probably pretty decent.


My wife is really excited to do something with me, and in our 10 years of marriage, I can count the number of times that's happened on no hands. :ph34r:


I can't wait to start for real!


Any tips for a noob?

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...My wife is really excited to do something with me, and in our 10 years of marriage, I can count the number of times that's happened on no hands. :ph34r:





Well, that's geocaching for you... 'Providing lawful, outdoor fun for couples for the last 10 year." :D


And hopefully even more of it when the GPS arrives...


Come back and let us know how it goes once you've had a chance to play around with it... and welcome!



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Hi. First and most importantly welcome to the fun! The best advice I've seen given is to remember to also look up since not every cache is on the ground. I'd say a 50% find ratio without using a GPS is pretty darned impressive. I did worse than that with a GPSr when I first started.


Chrysalide's advice is probably the best so if you at least remember that you'll have a great time! Again, welcome! :ph34r:

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Hi! I'm a noob too, so far Mrs Airdefender and I are 2 from 3 after the weekend - and that was WITH a GPSr. Fun times, had such a thrill when we found our first cache, and it got us out and about somewhere new too. Am about to go out and hide our first cache, only a small one but stocked full of goodies I hope folk will like. We've also got a TB to send on his way, hopefully he'll start his travels this weekend. Like you said, it's nice to have something to do together. Happy caching!

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As a fairly new cacher myself the best advice I can give you is -READ!!!!!

Go the the Geocaching website and familiarize yourself with the aspects of caching, what is proper procedure for logging finds, finding travel bugs and coins and what to do with them , and the parameters of the hide.

Especially handy, and the one thing it seems nobody in my area does, is reading the complete listing on the cache you want to find. Not only does it tell you what size container you are looking for, but it gives you hints (on some) of where it is hidden. It tells you if it is on private property or public. The recorded logs of people who have already found it are also very helpful!.

Yes, some will tell you this takes all the fun out of it, but I have to say it helped to get a few under your belt, and it becomes second nature to start thinking in terms of "size".

I have people looking in my yard for a cache placed by someone else in an alley near me, when the description on the cache page CLEARLY says it is NOT in someone's yard. Reading could save you an unpleasant experience.

If you are not yet able to upload descriptions to your tracking device, whether it is a true handheld GPS or a cell phone, get a notebook and list the cache, some hints for yourself, ect. and take it with you.

I will say, if you are like me, you will get addicted to this real fast!!! You will find yourself making a trip to a nearby town and checking if there are any caches along the way before you leave.

Hope you enjoy the hobby!!!!!!

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Here are some general hints:


Look for caches with a difficulty of 2 or less for your fist few caches. Stick with regular sized caches for your first few. Micros can be quite hard to find sometimes. Stick to areas you are familiar with. Look for anything out of place or unusual. Look for unusual piles of sticks, grass, leaves, rocks, sand, etc. Feel where you cannot look. Think vertical, not all caches are on the ground. Look up or at eye level. Look for traces of previous searches to zero in on the spot. Think like the hider - where would you put a container in this location? Look for things too new, too old, too perfect, not like the others, too many, too few. Change your perspective - a shift in lighting can sometimes reveal a cache. Keep in mind that many micros are magnetic or attached to something (via string, wire etc). Slowly expand your search area to about 40 feet from where your GPS says ground zero is. Bring garden gloves and a flashlight - they help! Be prepared to not find the cache more often then you think.


Most of all - have fun!!

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