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etrax venture hc

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How long does it take to average a way point on a etrax venture hc?

thanks vern


Pardon me for being flip, but the answer really is as long as you want. The averaging function makes a calculation based on the number of data points plotted, with new points added at a rate of about 1/sec. Theoretically, the more points the the smaller the standard deviation around the average as an estimate of the actual location of the waypoint.


And, note that you are plotting an estimate of the location - not the actual point. You can demonstrate that for yourself by plotting three waypoints at the same location (using the averaging method) and then display them on your computer - EasyGPS is good for this experiment because it will zoom in to a very large scale. The three points will be different.


The method that I typically use when hiding a cache is to place the unit in a horizontal position on top of the cache location, leave the unit in place for about five minutes and then let the unit average about 100 points before saving the waypoint.

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You can as many readings as you want while standing there. Back when I did averaging - I usually took about 150 readings or so after letting the unit settle down for a good 5 minutes.


These days - I just let the unit settle down and take one reading. Nobody complains.


If the sat signals are poor and the geometry poor - all you are averaging is bad data.

If the singnals and geometry are normal - averaging may help just a little bit.

If the geometry and signals are good - a single reading would always suffice.

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