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Geocaching K9s..


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I usually take my Daisy with when I head out to the woods. She loves going for hikes.




Funny thing with her I had to stop bringing her water bowl with since she wont drink out of it in the woods, she will only drink water that I pour it on the ground.


Ok i give cant seam to put pictures in my post

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My dog is also named Bailey! I haven't taken her caching with me yet, but she goes hiking. She would be a wonderful caching dog, so I really want to take her out next time I do something.


All the other dogs on here are great too!


My first dog when I was little was vizsla, and she was really sweet. Then we had rotties and they so great. I miss them a lot, but I really love having Bailey.


She is a great dane mix, we think maybe with catahoula. She didn't come from a very good home. A friend of my parents found her on the side of the road. She was pregnant and dying because she had too many puppies inside her, so they took her to a veterinarian and she had to have emergency surgery. I never heard what happened to her babies, but I don't think they made it :( But Bailey did. Bailey lived my parents' friend for a while, but wasn't really doing well. He has a farm and all his dogs are farm dogs. She didn't do very well in the cold and she has a separation anxiety problem, so she couldn't be inside. My mom has a great dane mix, so her friend asked if she was interested in taking Bailey. Bailey is so sweet that my parents couldn't pass her up. I was in college at the time. She still lives outside, but she has a doggie friend outside to cuddle and play with and dad and I built a heated dog house for her.


She gets cold easily, so I bought her this pink dog sweater. It's hilarious to see her in the dog sweater. The best was I was hiking with friends and Bailey found this little girl in a pink coat. The little girl's father was trying to get a picture of his little girl with the great big dog in the pink sweater.


Go dogs!! :D

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This is Moose and Daisy, this photo was taken in Demming New Mexico at Rock Hound State Park. Moose is the Husky mix on the left. He really loves going geocaching. He often helps me find the caches as he always finds the areas and the trails with the most scents and that usually brings us right to the geocache if we are looking for caches in the woods. Daisy is the Hound mix and prefers a nice spot on the warm couch rather then digging through the undergrowth.



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Daisy the GeoDog is trackable. She loves going caching. I think she's been to caches in 22 different states in the USA, and one province in Canada. If she sees us load up my caching backpack, she gets really excited. You wouldn't think a "Silky Tzu" would love the woods so much, but she sure does.




The only problem with her......


She's a magnet for cypress tree needles.


She made the trip from Mississippi to Oregon to visit the Original Cache location.



And she even made it onto a WebCam cache. If you look closely, you can see my wife holding her so she wouldn't get stepped on.


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Kobi has been caching with me since he came into the family over 9 years ago. He's a regular at our geo events around upstate NY. Lucky him, and me. He gets to go with me almost everywhere.


I just entered him in a photo contest. Please follow the link and "like" his photo, in order to vote. Thanks!

Vote For Kobi HERE, Please.




Just another day or so left to vote for Kobi on FB. VOTE


Shameless. :laughing:

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My K-9 is a pug - Dharma, like Sadie, she has no idea why we are in the woods, but she likes to go. She once led me out of the woods, I guess she thought I didn't know where I was going! She is getting up in age, so I can't take her on the long hikes, but there are the short ones & the P&G's and she is more than happy to go. She likes the cemeteries the best, she just sits in the middle of everything like she is visiting someone.

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Here's Ginger... she loves the outdoors and we take her caching whenever we can. She was a rescue and everyone thought she was some sort of mix, but after a little research, I believe she is a "Ridgeless" Rhodesian Ridgeback that was dumped off because she didnt have the pronounced ridge. Breeder's loss, but our gain!



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Here's Ginger... she loves the outdoors and we take her caching whenever we can. She was a rescue and everyone thought she was some sort of mix, but after a little research, I believe she is a "Ridgeless" Rhodesian Ridgeback that was dumped off because she didnt have the pronounced ridge. Breeder's loss, but our gain!




Amen! rescues are the best!

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My dog Kona is my number one caching companion. He has gone caching with me more than anybody else in my family or otherwise and he can tell when I am getting ready for a cache outing.


He loves to climb








Go for hikes in the winter with the family




or with me for special milestones




Basiclly anything to get out of the house and out in nature for a romp. He has gotten so he recognizes when we are getting close to a cache. When the Geepus beeps, his ears go up and he starts sniffing around in circles and if we ar ein the car, he will start to wimper and whine knowing that we will be stopping for a hunt. I can't imagine a better caching companion...

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Does anybody have a "Log My Dog" tag?


Ours is one of the ones they had before the official log my dog tags. It's a round cachekinz tag that is made to go on a dog collar. It has a picture of a hollow dog bone on it with a micro log sticking out. We have come across a few cachers on the trail that discovered it. Daisy's tag


It looks like this:


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We are only new geo-cachers but have found our hound helps with the stealth of cache-finding when others are about. Dogs don't sniff around in straight lines so they act as a cover for us wandering around in an otherwise bewildering fashion. Also after locating a small cache at ground level, we made use of a poo bag and pretended we were picking up after our dog!

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