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2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 British Columbia Geocoins

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The final presentation of the 5 British Columbia coins is available at this direct link to sale page


This set is Limited to 99 only with one set being reserved for charity auction. The 2006 British Columbia Geocoin is the most requested 'sold out' coin that we have ever produced which is compounded by the fact that this is the FIRST coin that we produced. At the factory it was/is EDI-00001 and the dies have now been destroyed. This is the final opportunity for the discerning collector to own this rare coin with 3 other sold out coins and the final coin in the series.


Thank you to everyone who has been collecting this series and waiting with anticipation each year to see what region and animal/bird of our beautiful province we would choose to feature. With the Olympics being hosted in BC next week, we thought this was a fitting presentation for these coins. Even though the first coin's scenery is not named on the coin, the inspiration for this design was the Fraser Valley in southern BC.



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I just made a trade for the '07 and a bunch of local cachers will be putting in an order for the 2010 coin this week. Hopefully they'll be here before the closing ceremonies. B)

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Got mine last week the 2010 very nice set


got some extra for letting go and trade


now the work to make a nice coin page


well done Landsharks


hope you come up with some more like it


in the future


keep up the good work


Labrador Wild Man

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