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Wintertime Geocaching: Latest GeoSnippits Video


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Pretty good, but it's hard to get some cachers to go searching "out of season".


That doesn't seem to be a problem on your end, but maybe some others could use a little encouragement-- reasons why winter caching is better.


We had a thread to that effect here not long ago. "No bugs" was a frequently listed reason.

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Well we finally had a chance to get this year's Wintertime Geocaching GeoSnippits filmed and completed. Hard to believe it was 65 a couple of days ago and then Whooosh!


This video has some (not all but some) really good suggestions for winter caching.. Enjoy.






Thanks Headhardhat for the video and encouragement. I live in the snowbelt region of Lake Superior and snow cover approaches 36-40" inches. This amount of snow obscures any clues to most hiding places. For example, the snow would cover the stump and fallen tree shown in the video completely so searching would be trial and error. However some COs will hide caches in holes in trees or in other places that are above the snow line. Also snowshoes are required equipment in many cases. Its important for the CO to use the "Available in Winter" attribute. Sometimes we are also able to find caches on light poles etc. were the area has been plowed.


Thanks again. I think I'll take a winter vacation to a snow-free area :D

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