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Anyone in Ayrshire

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Afternoon all


Entered the world of geocaching this weekend and wondering if there are any groups/clubs in the Ayrshire area? I'm heavily involved with the Air Cadets and think this would be a great activity for them as it covers a lot of the navigation and route planning etc which we teach for the DofE awards etc.




Kev (Saltcoats)

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Hi Kev, welcome...


The hobby/pastime/sport of Geocaching is usually done by individual account names (whether they be a single individual, a couple or a family group) whenever they can fit it into a suitable time slot. I don't know of any geocaching groups within UK who meet up on a very regular basis (e.g. second Tuesday of every month, or whatever) to go out caching together.


Geocachers do socialise with each other but typically this happens at Event geocaches, see below for one that took place recently in the southern Scotland region.


"New Year, New Beer".


Once a cacher gets to know the local cachers in his area then often friendships are struck and this may then lead on to individuals agreeing to get together for Caching Days Out.


The other way to get to know cachers is to have a look at regional caching forums: there's a pinned list at the top of this forum.


GeoX forum


Geofrees forum


There's also the Mega Scotland geocaching event taking place in Perth in July - If you can attend that you'll find yourself among 500+ geocachers from all over the UK and some other countries too.


MrsB :ph34r:

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Sweet. Thankx for the replies guys. Perhaps group was the wrong word lol - certainly looking forward to meeting up with fellow cachers over the coming weeks and months.


More to the point, what's the secret handshake for cachers? :)


There is a formal greeting ritual that has long been recognised between geocachers in USA, details of which are recorded in the link here:


Geocaching 'Greeting Ritual'.


I've not witnessed it this side of The Pond but, who knows? Something may develop.



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