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How do I share bookmark lists

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How do I share a bookmark list (so others can see it on my profile "bookmark lists" tab) but not have a link on every cache page?


This doesn't seem to be possible.


When I check "I want to share this list with others" I see no effect (and the list doesn't show up on the bookmark lists tab).


Its only when I also check "Make public (show on bookmarked listings)" that it shows on my bookmark lists tab.


Is this not possible?


What does the first option actually do?

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To share a list with someone else, copy its URL and paste it into an email. The recipient(s) can see your list when following the link received, and can create a pocket query based on the bookmark list.


Examples of when to use this:


-- You and a carload of caching buddies are going on a road trip to a nearby city. As the trip planner, you have selected 50 caches to hunt for during your trip. You've created a bookmark list, and you send a link to your friends. They can each create a pocket query so that everyone has the cache information with them. (You could also share a saved route covering caches along the highway between the two cities, letting everyone create a route query from the public route.)


-- Under my player account, I maintain a bookmark list where I track all my "DNF" caches. I consider it bad form to clutter up hundreds of cache pages with this monument to my incompetence, so I don't want the list to be "public" so it appears on cache pages. It does make for interesting reading, however, so I share a link to the list in my forum signature line.

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Looks like pasting the link manually or just emailing the link may have to be the answer.


But, at one time, didn't the "I want to share this list with others" control if it showed up on the bookmark list tab or was there another option? I just seem to remember this being possible at one time.


It just seems bad form to create a list and a side effect is to spam every cache page with your list name just because you want to share it.


I rarely use bookmarks but am doing something that basically falls into the road trip planning scenario. Not that I care about other people finding my list, but just trying to avoid plastering a useless list name to a bunch of caches.

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