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Found unactivated geocoin. What to trade for it?


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Out caching last week, my friend and I came across a cache with an unactivated geocoin inside. We move trackables so he was thinking that he would move it along but reading the logs it was obvious that it was unactivated.


When a situation like that arrives where you want to trade swag (assuming the UAgeocoin was swag) what sort of a value would you be trading, not knowing the actual value of the geocoin?

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The average geocoin ranges in value from $5-$15 depending on what it was you found. In this case, you place the value on it. Someone (as I do quite often) thought that leaving an unactivated geocoin might bring some joy to a fellow cacher. It's up to the one who finds the coin to trade fairly for it, but that value is what you place on it.


It's good to know that there are others out there that leave unactivated coins in caches. I always hope it will be a child caching with a family who picks up a coin that I have left behind as swag. I encourage this practice to all fellow coiners, and call out to give up a lovely coin to a cache as swag to make another person happy.


Yes, as the cost of geocoins go up, it's rough for most to give up their coins to a cache as swag, but I have found that the result is more people interested in geocoins that otherwise wouldn't have taken an interest. That first unactivated coin could be the beginning to an awesome collection!


Just my thoughts...



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I figure it like this:


Coins go for $9 to $15 on eBay with $3 shipping. So if anyone was to leave something of equal value or more.... a $15-20 dollars would cover it. HOWEVER.... an unactivated coin is also swag, generous swag but swag none the less, and some coins aren't trackable (I found one of those) so I traded a fair swag for it.

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I think it's awesome that you'd stop to ask when you're not sure. Good on ya! You made my day. Joy to kids and Ebay sales notwithstanding $10 is a good benchmark.... and I sure hope that doesn't change too soon.


Happy trails.


$10 minimum is what I figured and what I made my friend trade for it. In reality he left about $15+ in swag for the trade.

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Good for you! And welcome to the wonderful world of Geocoins!




Oh, I already own a geocoin. It was a gift. My friend already had bought a couple but they were "special" and cost a little more.


I don't think I will ever be into geocoins as much as some of you are but I do enjoy finding one from time to time.

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