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Horrible News Article


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Loren is very excited to call Waco her new home! In her free time, Loren enjoys traveling, exercising, searching for unique coffee shops and eating Thai food.


Sounds like she should be interested in Geocaching, not Bashing it. That's from her Bio at the stations site.


She's in Waco. She's on a UHF station. 'Nuff said. :ph34r:


We're* all** UHF stations now***.



*I work for a TV station.


**Except for a handful of ABC affiliates, many of whom are regretting their decision to move their digital transmissions to the VHF band.


***Since the transition to Digital Television.


Well then, I'm dating myself. I don't even have any digital TV's, Dish Network just takes care of that stuff for me. So if she was in Waco 10 years ago, and on a UHF station, she'd be a loser. :D Ok I have to go. I'm going to try to friend Loren and those other 8 chicks in that picture on Facebook.

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