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New GeoGold™ Trackable Items

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WOW! the escudo is fantastic!!! The only thing that got my eye as a mistake was the SS in the back side... one S on the left and one on the right of the seal.... I think in the real coins it was 8 S menaing 8 scudi! :D

The doubloon was actually the 8 escudos coin! <_<


I like it!!! Very good job my friend! :rolleyes:

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I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) - Only Sterling Silver is marked ".999", and REAL Gold is marked "One TROY Ounce"



Actually, the .999 is correct - it refers to the purity of the alloy (in this case, 99.9% gold). Sterling silver is marked 925 because it it 92.5% silver (fine/pure silver is marked 999). The Troy oz is a measurement of the weight of the ingot, not the purity of the metal. Sorry to get all precious metal geeky on you! :)


PS - I am surprised that these won't need some sort of "copy" marking on them, as they may be construed as counterfeit?



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great coins...my favorite is the dabloon (no spelling to check as compared to escudo!)




edited to add, did i spell dabloon correctly?


:) The real name is Doubloon! So the Op has it incorrect too! :D

I also have to correct one of my older posts!


thos coin is not A doubloon, even if they used to call them like that! the doubloon was the 2 escudos gold coin! Doubloon actually means double!!! The coin that you see here as geocoin is an 8 escudos coin, so it is a 4 doubloon coin! :lostsignal:


About the mint that I posted it is Mexico.... the mintmark is the M with a tiny o on the top! :)

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:o The real name is Doubloon! So the Op has it incorrect too! :(



Dabloon or Doubloon, it's a pretty cool coin and it would suck if there's a problem that would keep it from being minted :)


And let me ask this, I don't find myself at all drawn to the ingots or the bars.


Is that poor taste or is it just because they've been done already? I recently ordered a number of travel coins from C&P (end of Nov) and deliberately passed on the ingots and went for one of the little aluminum cuties that I suspect will get stolen even faster than the ingots might.

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