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Welcome to New Cachers in the Gulf

Carbon Hunter

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Lets revive this thread: We'll be moving back to Qatar in February :) and we see there are currently some 390 caches for us to pick up. We're really looking forward to this after a couple of years in cold and windy Denmark. Plus I'm sure there will be quite some caching in the other gulf states :P


Mrs. terratin.

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Good news to hear that Terratin is moving back! :grin: I am looking forward to some new EarthCaches being developed once you are back again.


Peter already has some ideas :P and we have a few other caches placement ideas, now that there are actually hiding places other than electricity boxes and garbage bins :lol:

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Hello there!


I'm so happy to have found this forum. Hope everyone is doing well.


I'm rifalee, and I'm based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Just came back from a long trip visiting family in the US and spend a good amount of that trip Geocaching. I can NOT believe I haven't been doing this all my life! I've heard of it before, but never really looked into it until a few months ago. I've been obsessed with it since I discovered it, and have been talking about it non- stop to close family members and friends. I was overwhelmed by the amount of caches that could be found in the US and all over the world and couldn't wait to start looking in KSA after I came home from my trip, but was very disappointed in discovering that there were just a small handful of caches to be found here near the city of Jeddah and only TWO actually within the city!!!!! How could that be? I'm quite upset that I won't be able to "hunt" and explore as much as I have been in the states, and I really don't want to wait until I travel again to feed the hunting addiction.


Any suggestions on how I can help the geocache community grow in Jeddah? Or perhaps to encourage members in the country to at least place more hides? I truly believe that if there were more hides, it would be easy to recruit more geocachers to enjoy the sport as much as I do.

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Hang in there rifalee! :ph34r: When I started caching in 2007 in Qatar there were only 6 caches in the whole country. After finding these caches I quickly realized that unless somebody started placing caches then the numbers would never grow. So, I sent about finding nice locations and placing some caches. As the saying goes, the rest is history! You place them the people will start finding them and then placing and so it goes on. Don't despair. Qatar now has well over 500 caches! :)

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Hello everyone,


greetings from cold and windy Munich, Germany.


Cant’t wait to our second visit to Qatar in December. We’re looking forward to add some new caches. I hope we can at least double the six founds from last year. Maybe we’ll try the “Power Line Series” or the “Rocky Road”. This time we’ll spend two days in my favourite location, the Khor Al Udaid region. We still have a score to settle with “Red River Rock” ;-)


Best regards to all cachers in Qatar (and to cincol in South Africa),


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