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Garmin GPSMap 60CSc - any way to see location and cache coords on same screen?


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Hello - I'm coming up on my 1 year Geocaching anniversary and 200th find. I've learned a lot over the last year and have honed my Caching style & technique. I prefer to use the Trip Computer screen of the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx as my main reference when hunting. However, I can't get it *perfect* yet. There's only one thing I need to make it perfect - to be able to see my current location coords AND the cache coords on the same screen. I don't care if they're loaded to the unit as 'GeoCaches' or 'Waypoints', that's no biggie for me.


Further info: I use GSAK to filter/load to the unit. Anybody know a technique (either through GSAK set up or GPSr unit set up) to show both set of coords on the same screen? I've attached a picture of my screen and you can see that the 'location' fields at the bottom only show my current location, not the cache I'm looking for. Would like to be able to set one of the fields as the coords of the cache/waypoint. I've tried everything I can think of and decided to see if anyone else has theirs set up that way.


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. AND, thanks to all the forum contributors, you've all helped me a lot over the last year (I've spent a lot of time reading these threads)!


-Bryan (brydawg)



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It's not a good solution but it would do what you want. Create a new waypoint of your destination and use the last 4 or 5 digits of both the lat. and long. (use a space to seperate and use some 3 letter code so you'll know what it is) as the name of your destination waypoint. Then change one of your "locations" to "destination". Granted this would be to much trouble and time consuming to do many this way. Would definitely work best doing it on your PC and transferring. Is a round-about way to get what you want but definitely not ideal.

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Here's another way....Change one of your "Locations" to " Selected" and use (select) UTM coordinates .

Change another of your data fields to "Dist to Dest" or Dist to next.

What will be displayed there will be the distance from your current location to the point you are navigating to (cache)......and since , when using UTM coordinates, the coordinates are in meters, each of the "last" (maybe couple) digits represents one meter.....or essentially one step.....


Either go "More North" or "Less North" or "More East" or "Less East" to reduce the "Dist to " number .


No mental gyrations or guesswork.

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Thanks to all for the comments.


DixieDiva - thanks for the info - I never even think to call Tech Support.


StarBrand - The only thing I can really say is that it's just my preference to see the cache coords at all times. I guess it goes back to when I started caching and used a Nuvi. I had the coords written on paper and used an old compass to guide me to the coords. Old habits do die hard, I guess.


eaparks - I use GSAK to load to my GPSr. I have some macros and programming info I found a while back that might be able to automatically do what you're suggesting. The only issue (and you mentioned this) is that it would change the name of the waypoint. But, I'd be ok with a modified name.


Grasscatcher - thanks for pointing that out. I did know that I could put the 'Selected' UTM coords (saw it just by playing with the unit), but I didn't think a step beyond to translate the cache coords to UTM to match. D'oh! Oh well - that's why I like these forums: plenty of people to point out the obvious!!! ;-)


Thanks again, all, for your input. I appreciate it. Now to play around and see what I can get to work for me!

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