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WhAT Do you use with your GPS Reciver


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GPSr, paper printouts, flashlight, first aid kit, knife, pruning shears, compass, DEET (in season), spare log books and pencils, TP, water bottle, hiking stick, cell phone, whistle, map (sometimes), spare gloves, yaktrax (in winter), orange hat (in hunting season), disposable poncho, and of course, swag.


Some of this stuff is carried with me; the rest stays in the car.

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I go barging through the woods with my GPSr, flashlight, p&s camera and a sheet of paper to make notes on. It might be nice to log from the field, but I'd rather just scribble a couple words, tb numbers, etc. and move along. I can log later. Data plans for mobiles are absurdly expensive and I won't have one until they bring the prices down - way down.

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I'm just getting started, so I travel very light.


Most of the time I am urban caching, so my standard gear is: iPhone, GPSr, pen, tweezers (for those pesky little nano logs), keychain flashlight, smallest signature tokens, spare log and tiny plastic bag, and a pair of convertible fingerless gloves/mittens for working the iPhone.


For the nearby parks and any woods that are too small to get lost in: add a stick when I am lucky to find one, mini first aid kit (a bigger one is in the car), larger plastic bags for cache repair and CITO, swag, larger signature tokens, water and a snack.


When I have a chance to go on a proper hike in the woods, I'll carry a daypack with the 10 essentials, plus all of the cache specific stuff above.


I have a telescoping hiking stick on order. I can use it at cane length in more urban settings and as a longer stick in the woods. I'm looking forward to using it to gently poke at possible cache locations.


On my shopping list: telescoping mirror, better gloves, seasonal necessities.

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Almost all of my geocaching is done solo in our local mountains. Aside from my GPSr (Oregon 400t), I carry leather gloves for when I need to reach into brush or rock crevices to retrieve a cache, Leki Sierra Staff for poking in places where I don't want to initially put my hands, and the usual water, first aid kit, whistle, etc. Since I'm often out in the middle of nowhere during the week, I consider my most important aid to be my ACR personal locator beacon. I hope to never have to use it, but it's always with me when I'm roaming the mountains.

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I'm just getting started, so I travel very light.

<....... big snip...>


I've been at it a long time and find myself going lighter with time rather than carrying more stuff. Compass, paper map, a trade item or two (unless it's a micro), a camera, and a pen are my basic essentials. Hikes of a couple hours or more I'll add a walking stick, a bottle of water and maybe a granola bar.

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