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Transfer TOPO to USB drive


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I have a netbook. I want to be able to load TOPO on it. I don't have a DVD drive on it. Has anyone copied the DVD to a USB drive? If it is possible how big is the files. If I do this will it install from the USB drive?


Would I be able to fit it on a 8 Gb or do I need a 16Gb?

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Something like that can be done.

I have copied my Topo 8 USA to hard drive and have installed it from there.


The DVD is 6.19GB and is a Double Layer, DL, type as SLs are limited to 4.7GB.

Older DVD-ROMs cannot read the DLs, so that might be another isssue.


The main data folder on the DVD is "Data" and is over 4GB, itself.

It has a number of lower lever folders, E1, E2, etc.

You might drag 'n' drop piecemeal from the optical of PC to the USB flash drive and then to the hard drive of the netbook.

Then a 2GB USB flash drive may be OK.

When on the netbook, look for "setup.exe", click on it and let 'er rip!

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