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RIP Travel Bug Graveyards

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I happened to have TB14KZ9 on my watchlist and received this log. I checked into it and found its graveyard had been archived. I suspect this has happened to all graveyards. I'm aware that they are obsolete since the "missing" option was added to TBs. Still a shame to see them go. :)

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TB Graveyards became obsolete when the "Mark As Missing" option was added.

Traditionally, caches have a physical container and location where one could actually visit and physically place a Trackable item. These virtual graveyards are not like that. All those trackables could have been re-released using the copy tag, or a home-made tag using the tracking number. They did not need to be buried forever.

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On another note, just because it's archived doesn't mean that TBs cannot still be dropped into the inventory. It's just not needed anymore.


Actually the cache has been locked so you can't drop anything in, and if I remember correctly you can't Grab or Retrieve it out once it's locked either.

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