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COT (Coin of Tomorrow)- 2nd Nascar League


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I'll get a coin out as soon as possible too... but I'm being serious here too... was there an option to use drivers more MORE than 9 races??? If so, that would have SERIOUSLY changed planning and stratigies :-(


No, there wasn't an option. If there had been my husband would have had better picks...

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A few more in mail on Saturday & today. Team & GC names weren't included with all,so I'm taking an edumacated guess on some senders, if I'm wrong let me know!!!!


from Crazy Canuck: Canadian 10-10-10 coin & a Girl Guides tag

from Fossil Fuel Racing: GCC Celebrating 12 months of new coins

from BrokenW : John Harrison/Marine Chonometer coin


Thanks Guys!


77 Days 'til Daytona!




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Rec'd 1st 2 prize coins- a 2009 & a 2010 Cachin' Crow.... from OPALSNS (Opalsgalore) and KD1EJ (Remember #3). Thanks Guys! And I think it's so cute that little bro covered big sister's bet- even tho he whooooped her on the track! :rolleyes::):rolleyes:

It's always nice seeing my sister from the rear view mirror,lol, see you all in Feb.2011

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