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gpx file fix/repair


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I downloaded some gpx track files from:




They were tracks of peoples hikes.


About a third of the gpx files won't open in Mapsource. I get a message that says the files can not be imported.


I can drag and drop them into Google Earth and they display correctly. I'm thinking that Mapsource needs a header formatted correctly. I'm not really sure.


Anyone have any thoughts on how I might "fix" these files.


While I'm here, does anyone have or know where I can get more gpx track files for hiking/caching over near Hilo?


Thanks in advance.



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I believe this is an issue with the time format in the GPX file. Some file formats do not have "T" and "Z" in the dates, which causes problems for mapsource. We are going to add this in where they are absent for uploaded files. I'll post here again once it is fixed.
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