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Mystery Item: Groundspeak Travel Bug for Hitchikers

Guest jeremy

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I have launched the new mystery item, which is a new way to track hitchikers on Geocaching.com. It's called the Groundspeak Travel Bug. It is a set of dog tags with unique serial numbers on them that you can attach to a hitchiker or pass them on as a simple tag. Whatever you prefer.




In the next few weeks I will be integrating the Travel Bug closely with the rest of the web site, so when you're on a cache page that reportedly has a Travel Bug it will be on the results page, as well as listed on that cache page (or even when it passes through the cache). I'll be adding geolocational lookups so even if you passed it on to someone that didn't go geocaching, they too could log their find and track the progress of it from person to person.


I wanted to create something that could allow folks to use their imagination with these things. Within reason, you can just about do whatever you want with them. Attach them to a cache hitchiker. Wear them and use it as your own personal travel log. Put them in a book in the library and see if someone finds and logs it.


It will be exciting to see what people do with this. Have fun!



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