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CAR GPSr Whats best to help geocachers?

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The Garmin Nuvi does a pretty good job. I've got the 250W which has a wide screen.


You can load them right on from the cache page or load on caches from a pocket query, just click and drag it in.


Each cache shows up with a little green treasure box, which you can also change to an open box if you want to show your 'found's.


I've even used it like a 'real' caching gps unit, it's terrific as you approach, but once right at gz the arrow's a bit less accurate than my Magellan 'geocaching' unit.


The cache names show only as a GC code, which I can find frustrating some times, but not hugely.


If I'm using it off road, you need to tell it to navigate 'off road' or it just keeps directing you to drive around streets. Once done, though, you can take it into a forest or wherever.


Mine doesn't leave a crumb trail, i.e. you can't retrace your steps or track.

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I am using a Nuvi 760 and it is works very well. It doesn't necessarily know the "best" way to get to a cache, but certainly tries to get you close. If you use GSAK, then there are two macros you should really check out. They load your caches as POIs and even include the cache descriptions, hints and logs into the Nuvi. They even do custom geocaching icons.


http://geocaching.totaltechworld.com/index.html (great information about using POIs for caching on this page. I recommend reading this one first)


http://sites.google.com/site/jjreds012/download This macro has more features (which makes it a little more complex to use) and the page has much less detail than the site above.



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[The Garmin Nuvi does a pretty good job. I've got the 250W which has a wide screen.]


Does anyone know if the Nuvi 255W will accept geocache downloads like the 250 does?


No problem loading into the 255. I have the 255WT and can load caches directly into it from the cache pages. Pretty accurate too.

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:lostsignal: Hey Murfster, your tired old eyes giving out on you ! haha ! :)


I tried our father-in-law's Nuvi 255W and it works pretty well. It also has the option of going off-road - ie - straight line, or using the streets feature. Don't know if it's waterproof though. I like the fact that you can enter a waypoint directly using lat/long and do a goto from it.


:) Enjoy the south, we miss you up here.

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