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A short while BEFORE the upgrade (days that is) I was doing verification on a local puzzle...

I started with my best solution (failed), 2nd and 3rd best also failed. Came back the next day with one more guess, and in reverse order entered them again, just to be complete 4, 3, 2, 1...


Guess which one achieved Success!... yep! the first to fail. Not sure if that happens often, but I accept that data can get corrupted in transmission... Just seemed to be a Murphy thing.


At least Geochecker allows several tries in one sitting... I always try to accumulate a few solutions to try.

I have postponed work on another verifier site that allows 1 per ten minutes, but has a really slow watch, and at one point was still rejecting 2nd tries even after 30 minutes not ten. Next Day OK! Might have been busy time or some other glitch... that one could allow a couple of tries per logon, but make the gap between sessions a bit longer.


Still it's better than a checksum for long hauls and much faster than waiting for CO replies to email...



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Actually, as was pointed out to me recently, there's a very good reason for at least considering the possibility that the geocaching.com upgrade affected the geochecker.com site:


  PMB 321
  24 Roy St
  Seattle, WA  98109 4018

  Registrar: 000DOM
  Created on: 26-JUN-06
  Expires on: 26-JUN-11
  Last Updated on: 10-SEP-09

  Administrative, Technical Contact:
  Administrator, Groundspeak  
  PMB 321
  24 Roy St
  Seattle, WA  98109 4018

  Domain servers in listed order:


PS - Geochecker.com appears to be working again.

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