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Where to camp in Georgia?

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Any GA state park will be a good place. They do have a 2 day(Fri-Sat) stay requirement and 3 day minimum stay on 3 day holiday weekends.

As a general rule state parks do NOT allow geocaches. Some allow multi's with the physical cache in the park office. Some south GA state parks have started to allow physical containers in some areas of the park. So most of your geocaching experience will be away from the park.


Anywhere near Atlanta will be good for attractions. In SE GA there is the Folkston Funnel train watching platform, Okefenokee swamp and the nearby coast. Up the coast is Savannah and Tybee Island. Tybee has a private campground that I heard was good. Tybee has a lot of good caches too. Lots to do in Savannah as well.


North GA is mostly hilly and has lots of trails with caches on them. Not sure about long hikes with young children though.


Might try posting in the GGA forums as well, www.ggaonline.org

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My family is thinking about camping in Georgia for a week this April. We would appreciate any suggestions from locals for state parks or other places for a family with grade school aged children to camp, hike, bike, geocache, etc. We would also like to be able to take day trips to other tourist type attractions. Any ideas out there?


Desoto Falls Campground right outside of Cleveland Georgia is a great place to camp with kids. Two different waterfalls to walk to adn a trout stream to fish in. No hookups but the road is paved. Boggs Creek recreation area is another good place to camp. No hookups and it is on an 8 mile dirt road in the middle of nowhere, or you could go to Dicks creek falls recreation area and watch people jump off the falls or you could just swim in the great big pool at the bottom. All 3 places are no more than 15 miles north of Cleveland Georgia. We go to all three places all year round.

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